Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Calling for submissions for Feminist Carnival!

Welcome to the rejuvenated Feminist Carnival!

Submit posts here at Blog Carnival - we use the term "feminist" loosely and in an inclusive sense as possible. If you feel a post touches on anything remotely close to issues discussed in a progressive, womanist, feminist, pro-GLBTQ, fat acceptance, disability sphere, pro-sex - feel free to submit it.

The next edition will be April 14 at The Angry Hippie.

Technical details: A post must be made within the two week range between carnivals and one post from each blog author, please. If your blog has multiple authors, we will accept one from each author.

If you're interested in hosting an upcoming Feminist Carnival, email Amelia or Lindsay at [firstname].impersonator [at]

You can find information on old Carnival of Feminists here. We appreciate all the hard work done by Natalie and other blog hosts!